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We obtain the best possible bridging finance terms by using our own in-house analysis tools in combination with our extensive database of lender contacts.

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Downsizing Finance

You may be downsizing your home for various reasons and therefore considering your possible financing options.

Bridging finance can enable a chain-free purchase, by raising a loan against your existing home and potentially the new property, the lender advances the full purchase price.

Downsizing Finance

Upsizing Finance

You have found the property of your dreams, the mortgage looks affordable and the whole family is on board with the idea. The only issue is – you haven’t sold your home.

A bridging loan might be the answer, by offering your existing home as security for a short-term mortgage, known as a bridging loan, you may be in a position to raise the required deposit.

Non habitable property

Bridging finance is a useful tool to raise funds on a property which a traditional mortgage lender may deem unmortgageable or uninhabitable.

The property may suffer from damp, be in a poor state of repair or lack essentials such as running water or central heating.

Unmortgageable property
Large Mortgages

Large Bridging loans

Lenders have their own criteria for what they would consider a large loan. For us, it is anything over £1,000,000 as this is where many private banks open their doors and can offer highly competitive lending terms.

Light Refubishment

Light refurbishment finance is a type of bridging loan which enables property investors and developers to refurbish or convert a property.

Light refurbishment loans are for projects that require more cosmetic improvements rather than structural ones. However, this varies from lender to lender and some will allow works under permitted development.

Heavy refurbishment finance

Heavy Refurbishment Finance

Heavy refurbishment finance is a type of bridging loan which enables property investors and developers to redevelop or convert a property.

Heavy refurbishment loans are for projects that require structural works and where the build cost is a significant portion of the original property value.

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