We support Depaul Charity

Our clients are fortunate enough to be buying or refinancing a property. This is not a luxury afforded to all, a fact that is easy to forget as we go about our daily lives. Advias supports Depaul, a charity that does fantastic work in youth homelessness. We are committed to supporting Depaul so they can continue with their excellent work and allow those affected by homelessness to see a path to a brighter future.

Depaul UK is one of the largest youth homelessness charities in the UK, supporting around 3,000 young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness every year. Everyone we help has a unique situation and a unique set of needs, so we take a truly person-centred approach to tackling the issues.

For those facing homelessness, Depaul offers accommodation and tailored support to develop their independence.

When relationships break down, Depaul provides advice, guidance and mediation to keep families together.

To help young people fulfil their potential, Depaul delivers activity programmes that equip and empower them to manage mental health problems, build healthy relationships and access education, employment and training.

Depaul does everything it can to help young people live a fulfilling, independent life away from the dangers of homelessness. For more information please visit depaul.org.uk