Bridging Finance for a non-UK resident mortgage

Briding finance for a non uk resident mortgage

As a non UK resident bridging finance can be a useful solution for purchasing UK property.

Foreign Nationals will find it harder to purchase property in the UK compared with residents as they may be unfamiliar with local markets, find it hard to visit potential properties, increased cost of stamp duty as a non-resident and raising non-uk resident mortgage may also be a challenge.

Problems with using a standard mortgage as a non UK resident

Income earned outside the UK can sometimes be difficult to evidence and could take time for a lender to assess. Meet UK mortgage lenders’ requirements can require document translation and recognised accountant’s letters to validate as legitimate.

In the present climate, non-UK resident Buy to Let Mortgage rates are relatively high and less attractive than in recent times. As a result, lenders’ stress tests have increased, making it more difficult to obtain desired loan amount. This could be highly damaging to a new build purchase which the buyer may have exchanged on well before applying for the mortgage.

When there is a shortfall, overseas funds take time to transfer. Arranging a mortgage would take too long to fill the gap, but a bridging loan can be arranged in a matter of days. In addition, a typical mortgage’s physical valuation and legal process cause delays. Bridging loans can be arranged without a formal valuation, and specialist solicitors can fast-track a bridging loan completion.

Benefits of using a bridging loan as a non UK resident:

Bridging finance can be efficient and cost-effective with no physical valuation needed. Lending rates are not too dissimilar from a buy-to-let mortgage and so can make finance accessible with less red tape.

Once the property is secured, a bring loan can allow the owner sufficient time to remortgage or transfer funds from overseas to repay the bridging loan.

Many non-UK residents struggle to obtain a mortgage in the UK due to a lack of credit footprint. Using a bridging loan can establish a credit profile in the UK and therefore make it easier to apply for a mortgage to refinance the short-term loan.

Using desktop valuations, reduced documentation, specialist underwriters, and experienced solicitors accustomed to short deadlines make bridging loans attractive for less hassle and efficiency.

Advias for non-UK resident bridging loans

  • Experienced at assisting foreign nationals with a successful track record
  • Local market knowledge and cultural/ language advantage. Offering our services in Mandarin, Spanish & Urdu
  • Long-standing relationships with lenders, solicitors, accountants & translation services to ensure a smooth completion
  • Long term relationship oriented service to continuously optimising your property finance  
  • Useful bridging tools like our bridging loan calculator

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