Large Mortgages

We specialise in obtaining large mortgages and securing the best possible terms for clients who don’t fit within automated systems, need personal service and wish to deal with an expert who can save them time.

Non Standard Income

Mortgage lenders can use non-income producing assets to be creative in assessing affordability for a mortgage. If you have an income of over £300,000 or a net worth of over £3,000,000 lenders can apply more flexibility in their lending decisions.

Non Standard Income mortgage
Large mortgages with low deposits

Large mortgages for high loan to values

Should your earnings be high and disproportionate to the level of deposit available, you may require a high loan to value mortgage to achieve your purchase goals. We have an extensive network of lenders and know which will provide large-high loan to value mortgages.

High Value Property

Private Banks can offer significant loan amounts, however, they may also restrict the Loan to Value. This is linked to the persevered risk of lending on one high-value asset. We know which lenders will advance the required loan to value on the best mortgage terms.

High Value Property
Lombard loans

Borrowing on Liquid Investments

Certain lenders can structure loan facilities against liquid investments. This type of lending is known as a Lombard Loan. Lending on Liquid assets can attract highly competitive lending.

Bridging Loans

Lenders have their own criteria on what they would consider a large loan. For us, it is anything over £1,000,000 as this is where many private banks open their doors and can offer highly competitive lending terms.
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