Mortgages For Barristers

If you’re a practicing barrister and you’re struggling to find the right mortgage terms, you’re in the right place! Our team of experts can help you get the best possible terms on your property finance.

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You’d like to think securing a mortgage as a barrister would be easy. However, a large number of barristers find it difficult to find competitive terms on property finance.

How To Get A Mortgage As A Barrister

The issue is, with a variable monthly income and considerable practice expenses like pupilage fees or chambers rent, it can be difficult to prove affordability on the surface. 

As a result, you may struggle to access the level of mortgage lending that fairly reflects your average income. This is where Advias can help.

Our specialist team understands the intricacies of a barrister’s income and can help negotiate the best terms with specialist lenders. We also have access to a number of private banks and lenders that most companies don’t.

We will present a compelling case including all background and revenue components. This helps to ensure that the lender considers all income streams. With the maximised loan amount and well-managed monthly cash flow, our aim is to provide you with the flexibility to access the standard of property that you’d prefer.

Whether you’re looking for a small or large mortgage, we’ve got you covered!

Highly Competitive Barrister Mortgages

Our extensive network of connections allows us to negotiate highly competitive mortgage rates for barristers. This goes far beyond what most high-street lenders are able to offer.

We’re also with you every step of the way to help you secure the best possible terms, whether this be the right loan-to-value (LTV) ratio or increased borrowing.

For example, most people will be able to secure a maximum of 4.5x their salary. However, some lenders are willing and able to lend upwards of 5x for barristers and legal professionals with the right information.

Sometimes a letter from your accountant or the clerk of the chambers can be used to provide a projection of the current year earnings and verify any aged debt.

Our team can then discuss this with potential lenders for a more comprehensive affordability assessment.

Tailored Mortgage Advice For Barristers

Are you fed up with wasting hours trying to figure out the right kind of property finance for your needs or trying to prove your true income?

We understand that time is in short supply for many barristers and legal professionals. That’s why our expert advisors are always on-hand to help you find the best outcome, regardless of your circumstances.

We’ve helped hundreds of home-buyers over the years to navigate complex situations that others simply wouldn’t entertain.

Our team of experts will advise you on the best course of action for your requirements, and then help you get a swift and decisive response from lenders.

Ready To Get Expert Advice On Your New Mortgage?

It can be incredibly frustrating dealing with lenders who just don’t understand the intricacies of your income.

Instead of going back and forth between banks and lenders, let us lighten the load and find you the terms that best suit your unique circumstances as a barrister.

Picture of Author: Edward Checkley

Author: Edward Checkley

Managing Director