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We specialise in obtaining the best possible premier mortgage terms for clients who don’t fit within automated systems, need personal, bespoke service and deal with an expert who can save them time.

Self Employed Mortgage

Specific lenders are more in tune with assessing income from a business owner, utilising your share of the profits as personal income. It may also be essential to understand the workings of the business to present the most robust case to a lender. Our brokers take the time to understand your company and accounts to ensure we can obtain the best possible mortgage terms.

Equity Partner Mortgage​

A partner of a large partnership could have their affordability assessed by way of references from their financial controller. This is particularly useful when having recently been promoted and historic income will not reflect the anticipated or current income derived from the new annual draw and profit shares.

Executive Mortgage

An executive may receive various types of remuneration over and above their basic salaries. This could be from an annual bonus, regular commissions, vesting and non-vesting stock bonuses and deferred cash bonuses. Our brokers have extensive experience in assisting executives to obtain the best mortgage terms.

Executive Mortgage
Contractor Mortgage

Contractor Mortgage

Contractor mortgages can be assessed by mortgage lenders in a unique way. They will apply a formula that takes into account your monthly, weekly or daily rate earnings to establish an annual figure for the lender’s assessment of income.

Professional Mortgage

Mortgage lenders can prefer to lend a higher income multiple to professional borrowers as they believe their earnings will increase over time. Professionals are generally considered to be Accountants, Architects, Barristers, Chartered Surveyors, Dentists, Engineers, Financial Advisers, Doctors, Nurses, Optometrists, Pharmacists, Pilots, Solicitors, and Vets.

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Whatever your situation, our premier mortgage team, can advise on the best solution. We specialise in complex and bespoke mortgage solutions to help you find the best possible terms.

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