Mortgages For Contractors

Contractor mortgages can be assessed by mortgage lenders in a unique way.

Finding the right lender can be challenging, our brokers know this area of the market intimately and will be able to identify the best terms.

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How much can I borrow?

This will depend on how you are paid. typically a contractor will receive a day rate income. This day rate will be multiplied by 5 to obtain the weekly rate and then calculated on a 46 – 48 week basis. Some lenders calculate the income differently but the above will be a good guide.

For example, a day rate of £500, x 5 provides a weekly income of £2,500 x 46 is an annual income of £115,000. The lender will then use this for affordability and will generally lend 4 – 5 times this amount.

Monthly or Annual contracts

Certain mortgage lenders can use the income evidenced in a contract where a monthly or annual income is stipulated. This is not the norm and will require a specialist lender.

Click here to see how we assisted a client with an annual contract to raise their ideal mortgage solution.

Best contractor mortgages

One of the benefits of using a mortgage broker is that they can source the best mortgage solution for contractors.

An experienced contractor broker will be able to access specialist lender products, products not available on the high street and may be able to raise a larger mortgage amount.

Contractor mortgage rates

The interest rates are not typically higher. However not all mortgage lenders lend to contractors.

An experienced mortgage broker will know which are the best lenders for this type of mortgage and negotiate the best terms.

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