Executive mortgage

An executive may receive various types of remuneration over and above their basic salaries. This could be from an annual bonus, regular commissions, vesting and non-vesting stock bonuses and deferred cash bonuses. Our brokers have extensive experience in assisting executives to obtain the best mortgage terms.

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Bonus income

Bonus income for a mortgage can be used to enhance the maximum loan available. Mortgage lenders will utilise different percentages of this income, depending on the lender and their lending criteria.

It will be critical to establish a track record of receiving this income but some lenders may take the most recent bonus into account when determining affordability.

Vesting and vested bonuses

Specialist lenders can base their affordability calculations on vesting and vested stock or cash bonuses.

This is not the norm and the lenders that can consider this may be specialist lenders of private banks.

How much can I borrow?

Typically how much you can borrow will depend on the percentage of your variable income that is taken into account when assessing affordability.

There are some lenders who will use 100% of variable income up to 6 times total income.

Understanding how you are paid will allow a broker to ensure the right lender is approached and the best mortgage terms are obtained.

Best Executive Mortgage Rates

The best way to obtain the best mortgage rates for an executive will be to ensure that the most suitable lender is approached and income is presented in the best way.

Our mortgage brokers have significant experience in the sector and can use cutting-edge technology to discover the perfect mortgage lender and secure the best possible terms.

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