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How Much Stamp Duty Will You Pay In 2023?

This stamp duty calculator and information is for general interest and not to be relied on.

Stamp duty rules change from time to time and therefore our notes may not be up to date or 100% accurate.

We only refer to certain types of residential transactions and it does not constitute advice.

We highly recommend taking advice and we would be happy to introduce specialist tax advisers.

Stamp duty is payable to the HMRC 14 days from the date of completion. Your solicitor should ensure you pay the tax on time.

Second homes and Buy to Let properties attract a 3% additional rate of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) this applies where you own an existing property, like the main residence and are buying a second home or buy to let property.

This will apply to a new main residence if keeping a current home on a Let to Buy basis.

The same 3% additional rate applies for limited company transactions, however, there are further conditions in this regard and it is important that professional advice is taken.

Non-UK residents pay an additional 2% stamp duty.

London is not subject to any special stamp duty rates, however, the surcharge for second homes and buy to let property, along with the non-resident surcharge were applied to slow demand within the London market.